Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul

John Chow is a phenom of the internet age. Making squillions by writing about making squillions. Simple. Anyone trying to get a handle on Internet Marketing is quickly tsunamied by free e-books and e-seminars and e-every-damn-thing. It's too much, so you stop what you were doing. Which is a big mistake. Better to regroup and focus on only a few of the IM gurus, including John Chow.

He's Chinese, and they know how to make money. (It's not racist when I say it because my wife is Chinese!). It takes only about an hour to zip through John's book, but weeks to revisit the information and use the links. All up, it's very good information - no frilly BS like so many others.

So, read this book if you are trying to get OUT of your present situation and INTO a living via internet marketing. I did and I am, via humor and other stuff.

You can get a copy here as well if you'd like to make money online like the gurus.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Top Noise Cancelling Headphones

I bought this one mainly for using on airplanes. When it is on my ear, I feel like sitting in a Lexus 430 cruising on smooth freeway. The sound quality on airline audio is also good, warm and well balanced. On my ipod, I set the equalizer to "flat", and every thing is good. The build quality is also good, the same league as my Mac Book pro. This is one of my best purchases.

A lot of research went into my decision to buy this noise cancelling headphones. I own a pair of Sony's which block out a lot of noise, but not all of it, and they are very hot to wear on long flights from the US to Europe and Great Britain.

The Bose has terrific sound, blocks out all noise and I can wear them for hours with no pressure discomfort or heat issues. I can really enjoy the music experience and they make quite a bit of difference when listening to audio-books.

I will admit to owning a LOT of Bose products, which influenced my buying decision. I know others have complained about the quality of the headphone construction. This has not been my experience, and I have owned mine for 7 months.

I also will agree with reviewer's complaints that they are too expensive, but all Bose products are expensive.

Another Swiss Gear Ibex 17-Inch Notebook Backpack

Purchased the Swiss Gear Ibex 17-inch Notebook Backpack for my college bound daughter. I have previous experience with Swiss Gear products (a Pegasus notebook backpack - for son in college), and both students are all-around pleased with them. (Daughter had to have a different color...) It's incredible how much stuff she can fit in this bag and still carry it comfortably.

The padding, frame, compartment layout, ruggedness, zipper quality, and general ruggedness of this backpack is extrordinary. Son's backpack is in its third year with no signs of excessive wear or breakdown. I expect the same from the Ibex model. I highly recommend this product.