Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Place Myplace Laptop Table Notebook Workstation

Perfect for whether you're in bed, on the couch, or just sitting on the floor. I love the 3 heights. You can fold it flat or set it at 2 different heights. Great when paired with Brentwood Poodle Bedrest, Lime for back support. Has a tiny storage compartment under the mouse pad side.

Perfect for storing your mouse when not in use. Also has a convenient light that you can use for lighting up your keyboard. I also love that you can angle the 2 sides up so they are not flat. Very awesome. I have tried many of laptop desks and this is by far the best that i have ever had. Absolutely love it.

I am a senior and find that myplace lap desk works great for my craft projects. Can put all of my supplies on it and move it easily to the side when needed, such as getting the phone. could use a cup holder on it, but then I might never get up . The legs work beautifully, if wanted, can even fold the legs up to use flat. The little lamp is very useful for my tired old eyes. What will they think of next? am sure I will use on it trips for crafts as well as computer. Really is making things easier, love my Myplace. Kay My Place Myplace Laptop Table Notebook Workstation

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

Growing up my sister stashed Hostess chocolate pies in her dresser drawer when "Ruby called", she would chase me demon-like down the hall after I partook. My aunt used to eat nothing but potatoes, at least 30 pounds a week. My mother would consume an entire Angel food cake then take 6 diet pills and smoke a Lucky Strike afterwards.

My grandma used to look through an entire rack of Twinkies just to purchase the select few with cream splitting the sides. A chick I work with cannot order from a menu, she cannot make up her mind and changes selections seventeen times over while others are pulling hair out of their heads, then she orders a grilled cheese. Another chick I work with had bariatric surgery and looks like a sag and bag Shar Pei, and she brags about it! She had the saline stomach band released temporarily so she could consume more food on a Carnival Cruise.

Matter of fact, most of the duck-shaped women I work with deny food when offered and I never see them eating. And they are always dieting or starting a new fitness routine. If so, then how did they get a butt like a bag of Bisquick? Or that waddle like an old-fashioned pie wagon rolling down the street? Would I be right to think they are eating like horses when they get home? I should be buying stock in corn tortillas, magnesium citrate and glass jars.

What is up with you chicks and your bizarre-freaky-psycho eating habits? I don't get it. Never will. Maybe this book will heal you in an Oprah-like manner. The title scare me to death too, is this chick-humor? Kinda got that Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction feel to it. Compulsive eating? Why don't you compulse over vacuuming the front room? Because the nice little lines in the carpet might remind you of a Triscuit. Whatever works just quit being weird over food. Read this book, change, do something, pretty please.

By the way, my wife read this book and ordered me to the fruit market to buy some fresh figs...guess who farted all night like a Scottish bagpipe convention? The dog even left the room. A man can't win.

This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection

I've been a lifelong fan of Carol. My first rebellion against my mother was pleading to be allowed to stay up to watch her variety show in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Possibly I was a peculiar child but I rather think that my finding the show so entertaining when I was so little speaks to Carol's talent, quality and class. She is one of those rare comedians that can articulate human foibles well enough to appeal to people of all ages and places. Many skits from that show are funny on the first viewing and equally funny on the hundredth viewing.

This book is a series of stories and anecdotes about the people that she worked with over three decades of actively working in the industry on her television show and specials, plus a few movies. There is nothing shocking or offensive here, just a bit of teasing together with warm regard and high praise. She views her costars and her former husband and family as integral to her success and portrays them accordingly. She's refreshingly humble about her failures, albeit there aren't many of them!

Readers too young to remember Carol as a regular television fixture will still enjoy reading about this period in entertainment. Carol befriended and worked with an impressive list of entertainment icons including Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant and Lucille Ball among others. Television still had vaudevillian elements then although shows were rarely broadcast live. The space for improvisation and responding to audiences has since been completely engineered out, and these stories about working more spontaneously are really funny. There is the added benefit of exposure to an elegant, refined, gracious, talented and genuinely kind lady. Carol Burnett is truly a star.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

I stopped using this device altogether because it can't locate GPS satellites where I start my runs in New York City (Midtown Manhattan) due to the tall buildings.

I often found myself waiting and worrying about trying to get a satellite location rather than focusing on the actual run.

The included software for reading your GPS data is also antiquated and confusing.

The heart rate monitor function works very well, better than a cheaper Timex model I previously owned. But I'd rather have a standalone HRM with a smaller watch since the GPS doesn't work for me.

I gave it 4 stars over all, because again, the criticisms aren't deal breakers, in day in day out use on actual runs this device shines, it's all the stuff ancillary to the run where garmin needs to work on improvements, like the data anaylsis, drivers, HRM strap update, etc.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

SwissGear Computer Backpack (Black/Gray)

The product quality was really nice.
But this didn't fit my 16 inch acer laptop. The max it can take is a 15.4 inch laptop.

I have a Toshiba computer with a 17" screen and dimensions of 14" by 10.5" and it fits in this backpack, but you certainly couldn't fit anything larger. I highly recommend this product. It is well made and has a lot of pockets for organizing your stuff. I plan on using it when I start Law School in the fall because I will need to take my computer everywhere, though I'm not completely sure if there will be quite enough room to hold all of my books in addition to the computer.

This a very nice laptop bad with enough space for additional stuff. It is very well padded and is not a strain to carry the bag on your back for periods of time. I use it with a 15.4" Lenovo and it fits very easily in the bag. Right next to the laptop compartment, there are pouches to keep the charging cables and mouse, etc. There is enough space in the other pouches to carry other accessories also. Its looks are sharp too.