Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How to Maintain Your Sleep Innovations Pillow

For most people you can't get much comfort than Sleep Innovations Pillow - it represents the best in beds, mattresses, pillows and toppers. One thing that put them well ahead of the rest in their market is the huge range of products they support; and they count NASA as one of their high profile clients.

Using memory foam is something that doctors recommend for those with back and neck problems. Apparently, it helps them sleep better as it take the contour and shape of their body.

Just like most things, once you start using it, you will need to clean it occasionally. Unlike ordinary clothes, Sleep Innovations Pillows need careful washing to maintain their firm feeling and still be usable.

How To Clean

  • First, remove the pillow from the pillow case
  • Check for stains, and wipe with damp soapy clothe. Be sure to squeeze out water from the cloth
  • If stains persist dip cloth in washing liquid and rub hard on the stains
  • Never immerse in water or put in washing machine.
  • Leave out in the open air to dry

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dragon Age 2 Game

So has anyone actually beaten the Arishok 1v1 from Dragon Age 2 Game?

I tried twice last night for like an hour, and couldn't even come close.

S/S Warrior, when my dog was alive I was able to get him to around 75% but he'd always end up killing the dog around then and I just couldn't do enough damage to counter his potion chugging.

The first time I fought him I couldn't believe the game actually expected you to beat him, I kept thinking there was some trigger to end the fight, like him charging into his honor guard or the pillars or something, but nope, the fight was just stupidly hard.

If you don't know the game I'm talking about, then click here to see it on Worth every minute I've spent on it, only if I could beat the Arishok, I would be more than happy. I guess it needs me to spend more time on it though.

Finger crossed, I will try to achieve that this weekend.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Dragon Age II Collector's Edition

The last time I blogged about Dragon Age II Collector's Edition: The Complete Official Guide, I didn't know they were already shipping them. What a great thing to see them already been shipped. I bought the game today, but didn't have enough money for this Collector's book yet, so will give it a miss until when the price goes down. hopefully.

If I had the money I would get one now as they are already flying of the shelves as this graph shows. Back in 2008, another collector's book - The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Collector's Edition came out and I missed getting a copy. Several years on, it has tripled in value, and the price has also increased with it.

Well, be next week if I manage to push one of my Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack, I will then get one before they all run out.