Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dragon Age 2 Game

So has anyone actually beaten the Arishok 1v1 from Dragon Age 2 Game?

I tried twice last night for like an hour, and couldn't even come close.

S/S Warrior, when my dog was alive I was able to get him to around 75% but he'd always end up killing the dog around then and I just couldn't do enough damage to counter his potion chugging.

The first time I fought him I couldn't believe the game actually expected you to beat him, I kept thinking there was some trigger to end the fight, like him charging into his honor guard or the pillars or something, but nope, the fight was just stupidly hard.

If you don't know the game I'm talking about, then click here to see it on Worth every minute I've spent on it, only if I could beat the Arishok, I would be more than happy. I guess it needs me to spend more time on it though.

Finger crossed, I will try to achieve that this weekend.

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