Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Place Myplace Laptop Table Notebook Workstation

Perfect for whether you're in bed, on the couch, or just sitting on the floor. I love the 3 heights. You can fold it flat or set it at 2 different heights. Great when paired with Brentwood Poodle Bedrest, Lime for back support. Has a tiny storage compartment under the mouse pad side.

Perfect for storing your mouse when not in use. Also has a convenient light that you can use for lighting up your keyboard. I also love that you can angle the 2 sides up so they are not flat. Very awesome. I have tried many of laptop desks and this is by far the best that i have ever had. Absolutely love it.

I am a senior and find that myplace lap desk works great for my craft projects. Can put all of my supplies on it and move it easily to the side when needed, such as getting the phone. could use a cup holder on it, but then I might never get up . The legs work beautifully, if wanted, can even fold the legs up to use flat. The little lamp is very useful for my tired old eyes. What will they think of next? am sure I will use on it trips for crafts as well as computer. Really is making things easier, love my Myplace. Kay My Place Myplace Laptop Table Notebook Workstation

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