Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This is going to become the new definitive guide for iPhone application development!

When I read the book I felt that I was actually talking to a real person explaining it to me.

The book is organized in a 'class in session' format where a concept is described, explained and then you are given a small project to type in, play with and modify. What is extremely surprising is that ALL the code works! I have yet to find a typo in any of the code examples. And better yet, the Kindle version displays all the graphics in full color if you use the MAC kindle reader I bought both the paperback for a desk reference and the kindle version for fast access.

But the way the book is structured, if you follow the examples as you read, you will amass a huge amount of working and 'REUSABLE' code in your projects. And also, you will remember where and why you entered that code and where you can go back to get it. Another super plus is that almost every method, section and even line segment code are commented so you can see exactly what each snippet of code does.

For an old PL/1 and VB6 and .net person, all it took was just learning the Objective C syntax and apply that to the objective programming models I already know. Delegates = Callbacks, IB = Form Builder, etc. Once I figured that out it was very easy to understand what Joe and Aaron were saying. I already updated real-time some of my older apps with new functionality just by using the examples in this book.

If you are new iPhone programmer or want to know about how it work, go no farther. This is the book for you!

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