Sunday, 15 January 2012

I love this Kindle Fire!

My first Kindle, use it mainly as e-reader. Like it a lot at first, but after download several hundred books later, it has become cumbersome to wade through all of them to find what I want to read. Please consider add on abs for folders or book search by categories. Here are my problems with the present filling system.

Search by Author : Every now and then, I buy books by certain authors but mostly I buy books by subject( cook books, health, religion, or for fictions I would look for mystery, romance, and so on). Often times, I don't even look for or remember the author name. Search by author in the kindle fire is pretty much almost useless to me.

Search by title : First, I have to brows through both fiction and non fiction titles. Then, what if I don't remember the Exact Title? That dinner recipes cookbook I bought some time ago, is it under D for Dinner? or under R for Recipes? Neither! It was under G for Great Dinner. This search was acceptable when I didn't have so many books, but as my book collection grows, so is the frustration in the search.

Search by Recent : When did I bought that historical romance novel? Some time last month, after hundreds of down load, but before another hundreds of download. Good thing I only have the kindle for a couple of months. Imagine doing this search after owning kindle fire for a couple of years.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is unhappy with the filling system. Please, please, do something about it.

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