Monday, 19 July 2010

Some of the Best Headphones on the market

I thought my Microsoft VX5500 webcam had a good picture quality, but this one definitely beats it and it's on the list of the best headphones. I've used it extensively in Skype, and this webcam is perfectly compatible with that program (even for making HD video calls). Audio is perfect as well; the other person can hear me clearly, even when I'm talking from another room.

I like how the lens stands much lower than other webcams on my desktop LCD monitor. This gives the other person a much more natural view (as opposed to the "looking down" perspective associated with other desktop webcams).

Amazon stock has the "Webcam Pro 9000" which is newer than "Quickcam Pro 9000". There are some minor improvements (i.e. built-in hardware Rightlight, as opposed to software managed), but they're not worth the upgrade if you're already using a Quickcam Pro 9000.

Also, Logitech recently updated the camera software to v2.0 (complete interface overhaul) so make sure you download that from their website, and don't bother with the bundled CD. Either way it works great in Windows 7 x64.

Overall, this thing is perfect. I honestly have no idea what else to expect from a webcam. Definitely worth the money. If you are interested and would like to see the complete list of the best headphones then check out the post here.

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