Monday, 17 January 2011

iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Often times programming books fall into one of two categories; they either assume you know nothing about the platform and you have never programmed before or they assume you already know the topic then they just riff on really in depth topics that aren't accessible to the newbie. This book walks the line and does it amazingly.

I have other books on ios and i have looked into the open courseware on this platform and simply put they miss the mark, but this book makes everything crystal clear while allowing the reader to explore more if you want.

It is obvious that the authors put a lot of thought into the book. The presentation and the flow of the book is very natural. I really liked their styles choices. In particular I like they always start new app development with the basic window-based application, instead of using more complicated templates; and also they use IB sparingly, instead creating things programmatically most of the time. Note: this book is specifically for iPhone, something there won't work for iPad, and the important iPad controls are therefore not discussed. Also, I did not care much for their diagrams.

GET THIS BOOK! or twiddle your thumbs and pretend you are learning ios

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