Saturday, 25 February 2012

Amazing-SwissGear Computer Backpack

I love this backpack. Everything in this backpack is well padded, pockets, shoulder straps, media pockets, laptop bag. It has plenty of bags to keep yourself organized. Materials look very durable and well built.
This backpack looks very good, I actually receive compliments from it.

Side pockets can fit up to a coffee thermo on each side.
The only problem with this backpack, and I read about it before I purchased it, is the front pocket. It does have a poor design. Zipper is to small to actually see everything inside it, it is a deep, dark pocket, so its hard to keep things organized there, although there are several bags and zippers in there. Other than that, this is an incredible backpack.

It is not a large backpack, which is why I bought it. And I like that it has the straps to reduce the space in the backpack so it wont look big when you don't carry a lot of stuff.

My Lenovo T61 14" with an external battery barely fits, so make sure your laptop fits before buying this backpack.

Shoulder straps have plenty cushion, and the suspension does help reduce the bouncing of the backpack as you walk.

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