Thursday, 23 February 2012

Best Backpack I have ever owned

I don't review many products, but I thought that I should go out of my way to review this one. I have owned many backpacks over the years for different purposes (outdoors, motorcycle riding, school, work, etc.) and this is the best one I have ever owned. I have had this backpack for a bit over three years now, and it has held up extremely well. I estimate that if I use it for only school and work, it will last for many more years.

This backpack has a large number of useful containers, and the one on the very top of the backpack is extremely useful - it is perfect for my sunglasses and has a little pouch that I can fit my cell phone if I am riding and don't want it in my pocket. I have taken the backpack to school and it is absolutely perfect when I have to be on campus all day. I have had 3 textbooks, a large notebook, my large zojirushi thermos, my laptop, my power cord, a usb mouse, food, my calculator, and other small items in it at the same time, and even with all of that it is still comfortable, spacious, and well-padded.

Obviously, other backpacks can fit all of these items, but I have never had one that was so comfortable and well-organized when it had that much in it. I find myself asking where this backpack was when I needed it in high school. The laptop section is well-padded and fits my bulky 17" dell laptop, but if you are going to be exposed to the elements or drop your backpack a lot, I recommend buying a small padded laptop slip to further protect your device. I bought a pretty thick one and it still fits perfectly.

The backpack has also accompanied me on many hikes. It holds up well when exposed to dirt and rocks, and even thought I do not recommend it for the rain, it dries pretty quickly if it is exposed to water. I have had it on my back during both rain and snow storms on my motorcycle and can vouch for it. It even keeps things pretty dry, but again, I do not recommend it for wet weather over other backpacks. Also, I only recommend it for longer hikes, since the backpack is pretty big and might be unnecessary for shorter ones.

In addition to the above, the backpack is ideal for travel. You can fit so much in it at once and it still feels comfortable and spacious. For 2-3 trips where you only need regular clothes, a book, and maybe your laptop, you can honestly get away with just taking this backpack. I take this to California whenever I visit my family for a few days and it is perfect.

I will definitely buy this backpack again. While I have other backpacks that are smaller that I use for different things, I always want to have this backpack for travel, school, and work - especially when I have to take a lot of things with me and only want to carry one bag.

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