Monday, 22 March 2010

The New SwissGear Computer Backpack (Red)

I periodically am able to get computer backpacks for my work computer at work and have for years. The last one that I bought just didn't have the number of pockets and sections that were well organized to fit the items that I carry everyday. Saw this one on Amazon and decided to give it a try, especially at the price! It has

1)a big section at the back for the laptop (built-in padded sleeve with elastic strap to hold it in place),

2)middle section which is very large and has a zippered mesh pocket, 2 dividers that come half way up from the bottom, a "media pocket" which holds my iPod touch in one section and cds/dvds in the larger section,

3)a smaller but very roomy section that contains an organizer pouch with a zipper pocket, cell phone pocket and the usual pen and pencil slots,

4)small section / pocket on the outside on the front toward the top that I use for id badge, keys and smaller items,

5)adjustable straps with cell phone pocket on one side and a slot to hang sunglasses on the other,

6)clip for keys attached to the side of the handle,

7)zippered side pockets at the bottom on each side that should be able to hold 12 oz beverage cans although I have never used them for that.

This is well built and over the last 6 weeks mine has been loaded and hauled around every business day without any problems. One question that I ask people to gauge their satisfaction with something, whether a movie or product, is "would you buy / see / do it again?". My answer to that question on this backpack would be ABSOLUTELY and without hesitation.

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