Thursday, 11 March 2010

SwissGear Computer Backpack (Black/Light Gray)

I took a chance when I ordered this bag on Amazon and boy did it pay off. I own a Dell Studio 1537 Laptop (15.4 in screen) and was a little worried about the fit of it into this backpack/ bag because the last bag I owned claimed to fit a laptop of my size and it didn't. Turns out, this bag was the perfect solution to my problem. Even though the the laptop fits really snug in its compartment, it's not so bad as to where you cant easily insert and remove it.

The laptop compartment is well padded and even has breathable mesh on the wearers side to ventilate any heat that may be present. Other features include a: mobile phone pocket/ water bottle pockets/ a slot to route headphone cords to an mp3 player so the wearer and listen to their tunes on the go/ multiple organizing slots for pens, pecils, credit cards/ passports/ i.d's/ etc/ even a sunglass holder on one of the straps. Speaking of the straps.

The straps are padded for extra comfort. In adition to all of the named compartments, this bag has multiple slots for any little knick knack or gadget you can think of. If I really wanted to, I could probably carry my laptop, psp, ipod touch, digital camera, all the peripherals, a portable harddrive and still have room for 2 to 3 text books. This bag is a must have for any college student or person with a lot of electronic gadgets on the go.

I would highly recommend this purchase and if for some reason this bag was ruined I'd replace it in a heartbeat.

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