Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops racks up sales record

Overall a solid game and kind of must-have/definitive member of the COD franchise. Some of the positives of the latest installment include the increased variety of weapons and attachments available, the fresh killstreaks, the inclusion of video recording and sharing, and return of the nazi zombies gametype.

One of the negatives is the unstable and just downright sketchy multi-player matchmaking, which was absolutely abyssmal from the start and still suffers from major issues even after being patched. Another negative is the annoying perk-pro challenges which force you to play certain gametypes to get your pro perks.

COD: Black Ops is a great multi-player via XBOX Live game but probably takes a backseat to COD: MW2 in terms of multiplayer experience.

1 Million copies sold in the last week alone --

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