Thursday, 16 December 2010

Flavored Coffee - Coffee Bean - Chocolate Coffee

Flavored Coffee - One thing I take first thing in the morning is my lovely hot coffee. For me, it helps to kick me into life and set me up for a good day. While others do different things to wake them up, like smoking, getting something warm definitely does it for me.

I love flavoured coffee, but I prefer to stick with old flavor like Vanilla, Hazelnut or a good Irish Cream and coconut flavor. There are quite a few new ones, but I have yet to try them out. There are many different types out there, so it is almost impossible to sample them all.

But how do they make these flavored coffee? Making them involves roasting and applying flavoring syrups and chemicals. Different flavors are used to achieve any of the required tastes. This is something that is done within a factory condition. So, making your own personal flavored coffee is not easy. But lately, a new breed of syrups have come into the market that you too can use to change the flavor of your traditional coffee.

Torani Sugar Free - this is one of those syrups that you can get off the shelf. It comes in a pack of 6 bottles - each with different flavor. The reason I like Torani Sugar Free is that it allows you to sample all the different flavors with just one purchase.

If you are not familiar with Torani, they are one of the best flavoring producers for your coffee, oatmeal and ot chocolate. We bought the packet last month; and would definitely recommend it anytime.

Great Taste - Great Price - Great Product. My husband only wishes that the cherry flavor came in this deal, but hey, that means I get to use all of them.

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