Thursday, 9 December 2010

When to get a Decent Camera

It is that time of year again - parents, guardians and carers - all going to go to their child's school Christmas performance. Parents showing off their latest gadgets: still cameras, latest phones and all sorts of hand held devices. For me, I have never really given into the hype, this is because I could never afford something expensive. The little camera I had was several years out of date.

So, to be seen with something that old would have made me look like I was from another planet. I know, I know... I shouldn't be concerned about what people would say. If only it was that easy.

Because of that, I never really take the camera with me. It wasn't until last month that I decided I would give in a spend money on something worth pulling out in public. Luckily enough, Amazon was doing one of those deals on a range of digital camera last week. So, I quickly snapped up one of these.

This week, my son will be performing in a school play and I can't wait to make my own entrance with a decent Sanyo video camera in hand.

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