Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mouse Cursor Disappears on Firefox

I have been having this annoying cursor problem since that last couple of days. I have not installed anything, downloaded anything - but all of a sudden the cursor starts disappearing from the screen.

This seems to only disappear when the mouse is resting on Firefox. It does not happen when I have another application open with the mouse on it. If the mouse is not moved within a few seconds, it totally disappears from the screen, I have to shake or move the mouse to see where it is again.

This is getting very irritating to the extent that if I don't click on a link fast enough, the cursor disappears.

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem, and been able to sort it out? I would like to hear any tips, advice or a suggestion of a solution.

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Helen said...

You might like to disable your Adobe Flash and see if that helps. There's a known problem that sometimes hijack mouse cursor making is disappear from view.

Good luck
Sue Johnson