Friday, 5 November 2010

SanDisk 16 GB Class 2 microSDHC Flash Memory Card SDSDQ-016G

So I wanted to save a few dollars and bought a 16gb card off ebay thinking it would be ok. Now, I may have received a defective card from the ebay seller but to me it looked like a fake, dont know exactly how to describe it but it didnt seem the same as this card I ordered off and the 8gb card that came with my droid 2.

Anyways the ebay card worked to some degree, although my phone felt sluggish and when I would take pictures it would store it to the card but when I would go back to the gallery to view it the picture would not load and showed a grey camera logo. Also my music player would crash after playing a song and would say that the audio format was not supported, so after searching on forums i found that a lof of people were having the same problems with their droid 2.

I refused to believe it was something inherent in the phone so I ordered this card from amazon and could not be happier. The quality looked better at first glance and I had no issues as mentioned above. I know this is a long and somewhat indirect way to review this product but I think its good to be able to compare. So initial quality is good, hopefully it keeps working for me.

You too can order one today, it's only $26 today on

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